Zenit returns from vacation

Zenit players returned from their short vacations today and had a practice at the team`s Udelny Park facility in preparation for their last match of the year vs. AEK.

Hurricane Monica has brought an incredible two-day snowstorm to St. Petersburg, but nevertheless the employees at Zenit`s practice facility managed to clear the field for practice. That said the players worked for more than an hour indoors in the weight room, then went out onto the snowy field. Luciano Spalletti decided not to hold sprints, so the team made a series of slower laps around the field instead. Having run for half an hour, the sportsmen gladly went inside to take a hot shower. Spalletti together with his assistants organized an informal snowball fight: the team is an excellent mood. Igor Denisov and Sergey Semak worked together with the rest of the time after injuries.

Two more practices are planned for Saturday and Sunday, and a charter flight will leave with the blue-white-sky blues for Athens on Monday. The team has two practices scheduled in Athens, but in different climactic conditions.

The Europa League group stage 6th matchday meeting with AEK will take place on December 16th, and will start at 23.05 St. Petersburg time.