Bruno Alves: “We have to win”

Zenit`s fullback talked during his press conference in Olympic Stadium in Athens about playing against his friends in AEK, the state of Zenit after its vacation, and Zenit`s winning streak.

- I met a lot of people over these two days who helped me when I was a player here in AEK – said Bruno Alves. – I was happy to see them, to talk with them, and of course this match is a special one for me. As for the game itself, I`m a serious footballer, I consider myself to be a professional, and that`s why I want to win this match.

- The team had a short vacation. How would you rate the team`s functional readiness for the match based on the practices you`ve had in Athens?< br/>- I think the whole team is in good form. We didn`t have any break over the weekend, and kept ourselves in good shape. We didn`t just sit around. We then had two practices, and now we`re going to do everything possible to go into this match in good form.

- So far Zenit has won all its matches against AEK that you took part in, either as a Zenit player or an AEK player. Do you want to keep this winning streak?< br/>- Tomorrow we`ll try to play well, and do everything we can to win. I`m a professional, a Zenit player, and I want to bring the team victory. We`re professional players, and we work to win and to please our fans. I don`t know a single player who trains with the idea that he`s going to lose. So of course we`ll do everything to continue this streak.