Luciano Spalletti: This time Borodin will play instead of Danny

Zenit`s head coach spoke about records, practices, and the goal-scoring capabilities of Zenit reserve goalkeeper Dmitry Borodin at the traditional pre-match press conference.

- Zenit is breaking records, and not only in the Russian league, but in the Europa League as well. In the match with Rostov the team made 43 straight passes before scoring its fifth goal. Does it matter to you how goals are scored?
- The number of goals we scored in the Russian league was a direct result of how the club plays. When the team scores 60 goals in the tournament that can`t be a coincidence! There are two ways to win a football match: to hope to get lucky, or to count on having superior skills to the opponent. I prefer the second choice. For sure!

- Yesterday the team practiced in Greece. How is the team doing now? And how much does the starting lineup depend on the impressions you get from the players at practice?
- I found my team to be very professional, as always. And consequently we`re in good form now. I try to make as many mistakes as possible when choosing my starting side. Even though we can always expect such a mistake. My decision will be based on the general state of my team, and in particular on the play I saw in the last two matches.

- Borodin (Zenit`s back-up goalkeeper) scored some very beautiful goals in recent practices. Does he have a chance of getting on the field for tomorrow`s match?
- Ya, considering that Danny isn`t with us now, I`ll put Borodin on the field in place of him (laughs).