Yury Zhevnov – the best footballer in Belarus!

Our team`s goalkeeper was named the player of the year in Belarus for 2010.

In a survey of top journalists and football specialists in Belarus, Yury Zhevnov was named the best player in the country for 2010. The Zenit goalkeeper got the highest number of votes and took first place in the survey.

– That`s important and really nice, – said Yury Zhevnov. – That means I didn`t work so hard for nothing. I did a lot of work this season. The lion`s share of this award probably came thanks to my good play for the Belarus national team. Our whole national team played well this year. I didn`t do so well in my club team, unfortunately. But I think that practicing in Zenit helped to play well for the national team, and, as a result, led people to vote for me for this award.