Attention, snowstorm

The pre-match meeting between representatives of UEFA, Zenit, and AEK at Olympic Stadium in the Greek capital has finished.

About 27,000 fans are expected at the last match of the season for Zenit, of which about 500 will be Zenit supporters. A total of 350 policemen and 270 stewards will ensure fan safety in Athens, which has been hit by a wave of riots and demonstrations over the last two days.

Luciano Spalletti`s team will play today`s match in its traditional away kit – white jerseys, shorts, and socks for the field players, and a completely grey uniform for the goalkeeper. The hosts, AEK, will come onto the pitch in black and yellow. AEK`s goalkeeper will wear blue. The five French referees working the match have chosen red uniforms.

Cloudy weather is expected at the beginning of the match, with a temperature of 3 to 5 degrees above zero. Furthermore, representatives of the Greek side have noted the possibility of a strong snowstorm. This, of course, will make the Greek weather only slightly similar to snowy St. Petersburg.

The Europa League group stage 6th matchday meeting, which will be Zenit`s last match of the season, will start at 23:05 St. Petersburg time.