Sanel Jahic: “We hope to make it to the play-off round”

AEK defender Sanel Jahic answered questions from “Our Zenit” newspaper before the AEK-Zenit match.


– What are your club`s goals at present in the Greek League and in the Europa League?
– Mathematically we still have the chance to win the Greek League, even though we trail the leader by 10 points. Nevertheless we`re going to fight until the very end. We want to get to the play-off round of the Euro League, and then go as far as we can in that tournament.

– Has the team already gotten over the crisis connected to the change in the team`s coach?
– You`re probably asking about that because we were able to beat Olympiakos? This problem is definitely behind us now.

– What changes have taken place in the team since you visited St. Petersburg a couple of months ago?
– We`ve worked really hard since then, and I hope that we`ll demonstrate this in our next meeting against Zenit.

– Do you expect your opponent to be de-motivated for this match, considering that Zenit already had a one-week vacation, and has solved all its tasks for this round of the Europa League already?
– No. All of their footballers are professionals, and I`m sure that they`ll come to Greece to play yet another important match for them.

– Will the important thing for AEK be not to lose on December 16?
– Our main goal in any game is to win. Of course, considering the tournament standings, we have to at least get a tie.

– In your opinion, does Zenit deserve to be playing in the Champions League right now?
– It`s definitely a great club, with excellent performers. I think I answered your question.

– Zenit`s left back Aleksandar Lukovic said after the previous match with AEK at Petrovsky Stadium that AEK should make it to the play-off stage together with the Russian club. What do you think, what qualities of your team gave the Zenit player reason to say what he did?
– We always try to show our best on the field, and believe that only hard work can lead to a positive result.

– Do you know anyone from Zenit? With anyone who plays in the Russian league? Did you start studying the Petersburg side after you were drawn with them?
– I knew a lot of strong players from the Russian league, and from Zenit too – Bruno Alves, Danny, Lukovic... But I didn`t talk with any of them before now.

– Russia recently won the right to host the World Cup. What do you wish our country?
– To host the tournament very well. Your country is developing all the time, and it was a very natural decision to entrust the World Cup to Russia.