Aleksandar Lukovic: “The penalty kick was up to the referee”

– What impression did you get from the match?
– I’m happy that in the end we got the result we wanted, and that now we can go on vacation in a good mood. It seems very important to me that we got six victories in six matches in the Europa League. It's good for Russian football too.

– Was the penalty kick awarded against you at the end of the first half a fair decision?
– Maybe yes, maybe not. I would have to look at the episode again. On the other hand, it’s absolutely unimportant now, because we won the match.

– What do you feel right now?
– I’m satisfied. Among other reasons, because we didn’t prepare for this match so well physically, and weren’t in our best form, but still won the match. On the other hand, I hope to work hard at our pre-season practices, and to approach next season in optimal form.