Zenit scarf exhibition sets record

The largest exhibition of Zenit scarves ever assembled is currently taking place at 25, Goncharnaya Ultisa, in St. Petersburg. A total of 333 Zenit scarves are on display in one small bar.

The idea is simple: the exhibition organizers tried to show the entire wealth of both “public” and “official” creativity in a small space. It will be especially interesting for visitors to the exhibition to see extremely rare examples of scarves made for individual fan groups with no more than 10-15 total scarves in existence. The exhibition also includes “classical” models – the first-ever scarves made for the team`s fans, with the rose as a club emblem.

– This exhibition is the beginning of the long road to creating a full-scale museum for everything related to Zenit, – says Alexander Terentyev, the owner of the scarf collection, and a dedicated Zenit fan (obviously). – I sincerely hope that there will be a place for my scarf collection at the museum in the new Zenit stadium. We only presented part of what we`ve got at this exhibition - I`ve got more than five hundred Zenit "roses" altogether.

The place for the exhibition was not chosen by accident: almost the entire wall surface of two halls of the bar for fans are covered with scarves, making the rooms completely blue-white-sky blue. For now none of the visitors to the bar were able to hide their emotions upon finding themselves in such a unique atmosphere.

The entrance to the exhibition is free during open hours of the bar (from 18.00 to 06.00), and will continue until the end of the month. The organizers, in turn, promise to add new items to the exhibition.