Alexander Kerzhakov “performed” at the Mariinsky Theater

Zenit’s forward took part in a charity Christmas and New Year’s celebration at the Mariinsky Theater held for children who were affected by the forest fires in Russia in the summer of 2010.

Kerzhakov came on stage at the performance of The Nutcracker together with his daughter, Darya. Russia’s footballer of the year as chosen by the Russian Football Union once again confirmed that Zenit is loved all over Russia: the forward was met by a real ovation in the theater.

– Dear children, I’m a football player from Zenit, but now I’m on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater, – smiled Kerzhakov in answer. – And for me this a real miracle!

The player’s daughter, Darya Kerzhakova, gave her own interview on Sunday morning to the Disney Сhannel. In her conversation with Mickey Mouse the daughter of Russia’s best footballer wished all children to be friendly with one another.