All about the CIS Champions Cup

Anatoly Davydov, Zenit`s youth team coach, will take part in a press conference focusing on the tournament of champions from post-Soviet countries which will start this weekend.

The press conference, which is organized by the Russian Football Union, will take place tomorrow, January 12, at 14.00 in the press center of the Baltic Information Agency (Ul. Mira, 34).

Accreditation for members of the media to the tournament, which will be held in SKK Stadium and Zenit Stadium from January 15-23, is also being conducted by the Russian Football Union. Accreditations will be distributed throughout the tournament in the press center of SKK Stadium.

Zenit`s youth team will take part in the tournament, as will Russia`s national youth team. Basel Abdulfattakh and Roland Gigolaev, members of Zenit`s youth squad, will play for the Russian national youth team at the tournament.