Zenit comes back from vacation

The team`s traditional pre-season medical exams will start on Wednesday, January 12, and will go for three days.

Zenit`s footballers will be returning to the city on the Neva River starting on Wednesday. The players will be coming from all corners of the earth. Some of them have been resting in the Middle East, while others went to the southern border of the USA, as a guest of the governor of Texas. Others spent their vacation without even leaving their home cities, with their family and friends.

Zenit`s players will go through their pre-season medical examination starting from early Wednesday morning. As per team tradition the medical test is very in depth: the players will spend from 6-8 hours with the team doctors. These medical examinations will last for three days: each day a group of 8 players will come to the medical center at 8 a.m.

After going through the medical examinations Zenit`s main team will go for its first pre-season practices in 2011 to the United Arab Emirates.