Zenit has once again been rated Russia's best football club

Furthermore, Zenit is now in 15th place overall in the rating of the world’s best football teams.

The January rating takes into account 2010 results. Zenit remained the best team in Russia, and climbed 19 places from 34th to 15th place. Zenit has 199.5 points, while the nearest Russian follower, CSKA, currently in 34th place, is more than 20 points behind Zenit. Spartak Moscow will share 179th place with the Italian club Udinese and Dnepr of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

The rating compiled by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics, has been conducted since March, 1984, and is one of the oldest and most prestigious ratings of football clubs in the world.

It`s interesting that in FIFA`s rating of the world`s national teams Russia is in almost the same place. The Russian national team is rated the 13th best in the world.