Four more

Zenit has submitted its final list of players for the 2011 CIS Champions Cup international tournament: several more footballers have been added to the original list.

Twenty-five players will be included in the blue-white-sky blue side that will play in the tournament starting on Saturday. The final list was chosen by Anatoly Davydov, Zenit-Y`s coach.

The following players made the final list:
1. Maxim Batov
2. Evgeny Bashkirov
3. Nikita Bocharov
4. Andrey Zaitsev
5. Sergey Kostin
6. Stanislav Murikhin
7. Alexander Petrov
8. Sergey Petrov
9. Vladislav Sirotov
10. Vyacheslav Sushkin
11. Andrey Vasilyev
12. Alexey Kayukov
13. Alexey Panfilov
14. Dmitry Telegin
15. Evgeny Markov
16. Pavel Shuvalov
17. Egor Baburin
18. Sergey Tsyganov
19. Pavel Mogilevets
20. Vyacheslav Zinkov
21. Pavel Dronov
22. Stanislav Matyash
23. Kirill Kostin
24. Igor Cheminava
25. Ilya Sagdatullin

Stanislav Matyash, Kirill Kostin, Igor Cheminava, Ilya Sagdatullin and Evgeny Markov were all added to the original list. Markov replaced Denis Terentyev, who picked up an injury. If the coaching staff of Zenit`s main side decides to invite Andrey Zaitsev to the club`s pre-season practices in the United Arab Emirates, then his place at the CIS Champions Cup will be filled by a goalkeeper from one of Zenit`s youth teams.