Anatoly Davydov: “We don’t need illiterate players”

Zenit-Y’s head coach noted at a press conference after the team’s second match of the CIS Champions Cup that the match was played at a high speed.

– Matches like this give a lot of experience to our team, – Davydov said to journalists. – Our footballers grow up faster, playing at this level. Last year too we played all our games against older teams. The CIS Champions Cup is a good tournament in this sense, although it doesn`t really fit into our plans for preparing for the season. As for today`s match, we played at a good speed, despite the fact that we had a tough game yesterday and the players used up a lot of strength and emotion. It`s great that we were able to tie the score. The goal was beautiful to watch.

– Could the team have started preparing for the season earlier?
– Our players are just footballers. They also study, and they had their exam session recently. We don`t need illiterate players. The more education they`ve got, the easier it will be to explain everything to them, and the better they`ll play on the field.

– Why wasn`t Nikita Bocharov in the lineup for today`s match?
– He was injured in yesterday`s match. He practiced, but he wasn`t 100% ready for today`s match.

– Who is it easier for you to work with: the youth team or the main squad?
– I like working with them both. Of course there are nuances everywhere. You have to spend more time explaining things to younger players. Older footballers catch on right away. On the other hand, it`s a great feeling when you can see the youth team players making progress right in front of you.

– How do you get along with Luciano Spalletti? And which of your players have you recommended to him, if it`s not a secret?
– He and I have good relations. I can always ask him any questions. I like that. As for the players, we never recommend anybody without grounds. We determine which players have the best talent. Some of them will be called up by Spalletti to work with the main team.