Andrey Zaitsev: “Our defense played excellently”

The starting goalkeeper of Zenit`s youth team shared his impressions from the match with HJK in the CIS Champions Cup and spoke about his emotions during the game, the goal allowed, and the team`s defense.

– The first half didn`t have any real goal-scoring chances, either for them or for us. The play was very even – says Andrey Zaitsev. – At halftime Anatoly Viktorovich said that we have to calm down and hold the ball longer. The main thing is to move forward and play more in attack. We put younger players onto the field, and they brought new energy.

– How much stress was there at the end of the match, when the score became 2:1?
– After the goal was scored we started to worry, and feel concerned. We had to keep the score down, and play constructively in defense. We managed to do that. It was easier when the score was 2:0.

– Your next opponent is Inter of Azerbaijan. What do you think about them?
– Their a high-level team, a serious opponent with excellent players. It`s going to be a tough match.