Luciano Spalletti: “We played a good match”

Zenit`s head coach commented on his team`s play after its first friendly of the season against Sparta Prague.

– Zenit played an excellent match. At times the team looked very good. But that`s an opinion from without. What`s the opinion within the club?
– I completely agree with that appraisal. We played a good match, most of all because we were well-organized on the field. The guys gave all they had, and even though they can play better, they showed their skills on the field.

– Did you expect such an early goal from your team?
– When we start a match, we are looking to score from the very first kick. That`s what I always say. You noticed that we always play like that. We never give the ball backwards to our defenders. We always try to organize the attack, and never pass the ball backwards to our fullbacks. Sometimes we`re not successful, but other times we are. And when things go the way we want, we try to immediately benefit from that.