Alessandro Rosina: “We have to continue like this”

The author of the most intuitive assist in Zenit's victory shared his impressions of the match against Iran`s best squad as part of the MatchWorldCup-2011.

– It was just our second match of the season today, our second friendly of the season, – explained Alessandro Rosina. – Matches every 48 hours allow us to gradually pick up the necessary physical condition. We played alright and should continue like this.

–How did it feel to beat the Asian club with the greatest number of fans?
– It`s always important to play against good teams. Matches like this are a status symbol for our opponents, but Zenit is the best and the most important club in Russia, so the meeting was even in terms of the two clubs` status. We have to play at least as well as this in the future, in order to start the new season on a serious level.

– Did you use your intuition to set up Zenit`s second goal? How did you know that the defender would make a bad back pass?
–Our opponent made a passing mistake, and I took advantage of that immediately, just doing my job. It was just a matter of technical skill to make the pass to Semak so that he could finish the goal (smiles).