Danko Lazovic: "We have to prepare for more than just Young Boys"


- Are you disappointed that you didn`t win the Dubai Cup?
- It would have been nice to win it, of course, but it`s not a big deal.

- How did Zenit look in the first two matches of the Dubai Cup?
- I think we played better with Sparta Prague than we did with Persepolis, but that`s easy to explain: we were more tired in the match with the Iranians. But overall we played alright. The good thing is that we didn`t pick up any injuries. The most important thing is to get into the necessary physical condition by the end of the pre-season.

- You and Bystrov traded positions from time to time over the course of the tournament, playing first on the flank then at the head of the attack. Are you planning to use this scheme during the season?
- Our coach asked us to do that. But overall the way players fill each other`s positions is one of Zenit`s particular talents as a team. It`s not out of the question that our trainers will use this method during the season too. We are all universal players.

- You joined Zenit last year during the third pre-season practice session, and this time you're going through Luciano Spalletti`s pre-season practices from the first day of the season. Do you feel a difference?
- Of course. But I came to Zenit at just the right time, because the team won the championship after a three-year hiatus last year. But it`s always much harder to defend a championship title. So the upcoming season is going to be very hard. And right from the very beginning, when we have to play in the Europa League, the Russian Championship, and the Russian Cup all at the same time. But we`re so strong that we can play well at all three tournaments. And all the more so if we get two or three new footballers.

- Your friend Ivica Krizanac left Zenit during the winter break. Do you miss him?
- Ya, I miss Ivica a lot. He`s a really big friend of mine. He helped me a lot in Zenit. Furthermore, he`s a really good footballer. I hope that Zenit`s fans will miss Ivica and his style of play as much as I do.

- How are things going for him?
- Right now Ivo is really enjoying being back in his home city of Split, which he left many years ago. He`s got a lot more time to spend with his family, and he can finally just spend time sitting at home on his porch.

- Zenit will have its first official match of the season against Young Boys very soon. What do you know about your opponent?
- The important thing is to be in good form when we go to the match. But we have to think about more than just Young Boys. We have other official matches coming up too. As far as the Europa League goes, I want to tell our fans: we`ve got good chances to advance further in the tournament.