Luciano Spalletti: “We relax and then we make mistakes”

Zenit`s head coach was very upset with his players despite their 2:1 victory over Lokomotiv Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

- I`m not satisfied with our play at all, - said Luciano Spalletti in an interview with Zenit-TV immediately following the match with Lokomotiv. – I see several things in our play that I don`t like. As for the result… I couldn`t care less. The important thing now is my players` behavior on the field. Not everything is going the way I want right now.

- Can the problems you saw on the field be related to the long morning practice you had today before the match? Or is the problem simply connected to the players` attitude?
- No, our morning practice has no effect on the situation. And the physical training has nothing to do with our play on the field either. The problem is connected to concentration, and the actions the players take in certain situations. When we relax in simple situations we then make mistakes. For example, like in the case with the goal we allowed today.

- The team practiced in three different groups today: two took part in the match and a third group practiced on the side.
- In this period we`re going to make as many substitutions as possible. We need as many players as possible to get playing practice. As for the third group – Bruno has a few problems, very small ones, and Bukharov just isn`t 100% ready to play in matches. But today we played poorly in all aspects, in the first half and in the second. I`m talking about our mentality, the players` psychological readiness.