Petrovsky Stadium to get its own children`s cafe

Zenit`s squad has been led onto the pitch at Petrovsky Stadium by children in "Zenit Fan" t-shirts for the last year and-a-half. Starting from this season the Zenit Fan kids movement is widening its influence, and will take over sector 2 at Zenit`s home stadium.


Season tickets to the sector will be sold only to parents with children under 12 years old. Swearing and smoking will be banned in the sector.

Owners of Family season ticket packages will have their own entrance to the Zenit Fan children`s cafe. Children will be able to watch matches on TV in the cafe, play mini-football, and eat sweets. On days when there are no matches children will be able to take part in competitions, play games, learn Zenit songs, and shoot at a real soccer goal.

The cafe at Petrovsky is currently under construction. All of the materials being used for construction are checked by decorators for safety. The cafe cooks are preparing a special children`s menu, and the cafe hosts are thinking up competitions and prizes for the little ones.

We`ll be waiting for you in the new season at the family sector in Petrovsky Stadium and in the Zenit Fan cafe!