Sergey Semak: "The team played well and that adds confidence"

The Zenit boss spoke to the press after the friendly win over Genoa.
Sergey Semak: "The team played well and that adds confidence"
Congratulation on another win over a strong team. Have you got your first team already in mind or is it too early to say?

I think it's a bit early. The fact that the team played well and we won is always good, it adds confidence, like any win. The game was hard from the point of view of movement and freshness. I think Genoa are in a similar situation to us, they are starting to prepare for their league season which starts much later than ours. Yesterday training went well and we had two sessions, so today there was a lack of freshness and movement, which affected the quality of the game. The first thirty minutes were rather chaotic, only after that did we began to create chances, we could have scored more. In the second half we had more possession of the ball and had the advantage, but, unfortunately they scored. In the end, we were able to win, which was nice, but the quality of the game itself raises many questions.

In a week and a half before the Russian league season starts, is the team ready in terms of mental and physical readiness

Those players who have been with us all pre-season are in good shape. As for the players from the national teams, it is still difficult to say when they will hit their best form and we'll see in training. It is important for us to align both the mental and physical state as soon as possible and this will not be easy, but we will work on it and are determined to get the players in the right condition. 

From the point of view of tactics, what did you like most today?

It's good that we have had the opportunity to play against teams that play four defenders, like Grasshopper Zurich and against those who play five at the back like today. We have gained some experience and that will help us to chose the right players for the right formation. What I liked? we have improved our interaction. But we still have some hard work to do, everything improves from game to game. 

You've said soon you will know your squad for the league, will you leave any openings for future transfers

Unfortunately, we are not sure what opportunities we have to acquire new players. Therefore, one or two positions might be filled before the end of the transfer period. We will announce our squad list immediately after the end of the training camp, we've only a few days left.