Club Good Deeds: Alexander Kerzhakov meets a young fan

Today, the top scorer in the history of Zenit and Russian football went to visit a young fan at the St. Petersburg Children's Hospice.
Zenit joined up with the Dreams Comes True project to help to fulfill the hopes of children with severe and life-threatening illnesses from all regions of Russia. The parents of 14-year-old Misha Rudenov from St. Petersburg let us know his story and Alexander Kerzhakov was more than happy to get involved.

"Misha is a very happy child who sees, hears and reacts to the world just like all other children, but unfortunately, he is unable to walk and talk. Most of all he likes to watch football on TV, he laughs with his brother and is happy when Zenit win. Misha has always wanted to meet some of the Zenit players!" The director of the Dreams Come True project told us.

On 11 January, a club delegation led by Alexander Kerzhakov and our Zenit mascot went to visit Misha. The club legend wished Misha a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, gave him a new Zenit winter coat, hat, scarf, toy and an autographed team shirt. 

Everyone at the club wishes Misha a happy New Year all the best!