Claudinho: "JDT have some quality players and the match was enjoyable"

Zenit's Brazilian forward spoke to us about yesterday's 3-0 win over JDT FC in Dubai. 
Claudinho: "JDT have some quality players and the match was enjoyable"

Yesterday Zenit played their first matches at this Dubai training camp. You played the full 90 minutes against Johor. How do you feel today?

I feel great. It was a good test for our entire squad to see what level we’re at and how match ready we are. I think the whole team showed that we’re all ready both tactically and physically, and at a good level. It was a good game, and we move on. 

Do you prefer playing lots of matches as is planned here, rather than just a couple like in Qatar?

We fully believe in how the coaches plan our training camps. We needed this intensive training in Qatar after a long holiday, we had to get fit and get in the right condition. Now here we need to get match fit so have more matches in Dubai. It's all part of the preparation plan. We treat every part of training the same.

Did you feel tired after the first training camp and has this already passed?

There was some sort of tiredness at the end of the Qatari training camp and that was because we had a long break before it, even though we trained at home as instructed by our coaches. It is always difficult the first few weeks back. Now things are completely different, both when playing and training. So there’s no tiredness, we just have to get fit and keep improving to restart the season at a good level.

Some people like this hot weather and some don't. What about you?

I like this weather, although it can be difficult to train under this strong sun, but I'm from Brazil, we have a lot of sun and I'm used to it, plus vitamin D is good for the body, so everything is cool. 

Yesterday was the first time Zenit have played a club from Malaysia. How interesting was it to meet Johor and what did you think of them?

I didn’t know that this was the first game for Zenit with a Malaysian club. This means winning was even more important! I think they were a very good team, they were ready for a battle and they have several Brazilians playing there, I chatted with them a little. They were at a good level and have some quality players. The match was enjoyable.