Alexander Medvedev: “The next step is the third title in a row and doing the double!”

The club’s chairman of the board spoke to us about Zenit Women retaining their league title.
Alexander Medvedev: “The next step is the third title in a row and doing the double!”

An amazing end to the season, and a great win for the women's team, how do you feel now?

Absolutely! It doesn’t happen often when the league title is decided in the final match of the season. Everyone remembers that famous match with Saturn, when Zenit won the league title, so this is the second time for the club when the title was decided against a good side in the final game. In the first half there were some very worrying moments, they hit the crossbar twice, but at that time I could feel the second half would be different, and it was! We saw two beautiful combination goals, a long-range strike that hit the target. The goal CSKA scored added drama, but our team played very well, and as the final whistle was blown, the snowfall began to fall, which really marked our victory. It’s very difficult to win any league, and it is even harder to win it twice in a row, especially since we were behind on points during the season, but we made it to the playoff for the title and every point was worth its weight in gold, we didn’t take a loss and were able to become champions. Well done our girls! I hope that we will have more girls in our academy and more fans watching games at the Smena. I am sure that we will play as a women’s team at the Gazprom Arena soon and have even more fans there than last time, which was 18,000.

How have these two title wins been different?

They’ve been different yes, because these championships turned out differently, previously we were in the lead by some points, but this season we were behind, and there were pessimism that we wouldn’t be able to catch CSKA, but they dropped points, and it became vital we didn’t lose games ourselves, which we managed to do. We had excellent victories over Lokomotiv and Dynamo. I would like to congratulate everyone who supported the team and encourage the players and ask them to come again.

Two titles in a row. What's next? 

The men’s team have set an example, five title in a row! I hope there will be a sixth too. The next step is the third title in a row and doing the double!