Rodrigão: "These training camps are extremely important"

The Zenit defender spoke to us about the upcoming restart of the season.

Rodrigão: "These training camps are extremely important"

You’re in the middle of your second training camp. How do you feel right now? 

Excellent, although I do feel a little tired, but this is fine as it’s part of preparing for the season restart. These training camps are extremely important also because I missed the last two pre-seasons for various reasons and I really want to get into peak condition so I can help the team 100%. 

Do you like that there are a lot of games at this training camp? 

Yes. Matches at training camps are my favorite part of the training process. In Abu Dhabi we did more training, but here in Doha we are playing more matches. 

You had a swimming based training session, did you like this? 

To be honest, it wasn’t the most comfortable session for me, because I’m not very good at swimming, but we have to do as we’re told. These training sessions are also important as it helps with recovery and muscle rest. Everyone enjoyed it and it was lots of fun.

Was seeing Malcom again in Doha also good for the team?  

Yes, for sure. Malcom is good football friend and we spent a lot of time together off the pitch. We used to play computer games together and he did so much for the team. Now I’m supporting him at Al Hilal and wish him all the best. You could see how happy everyone was to see him when he came to visit. He’s always a happy guy and it was great to see each other.