Alexander Anyukov: "We've won the Equality Cup and everyone is happy about that"

The Zenit coach spoke to us about the team’s time at this winter's Gazprom Training Camp.
Alexander Anyukov: "We've won the Equality Cup and everyone is happy about that"

You divided the players into two groups. What were their jobs today?

Those who played yesterday had a recovery session and did some jogging. The second group, those who played the day before yesterday, had a light training session with squares and ball work.

The team have played four matches in five days. What did you learn from this?

Overall things are fine, they were good games, especially during the Equality Cup. We’ve had some good results and played positively, which is psychologically important. We won the trophy and everyone is happy about that, even though it’s just a friendly tournament. In yesterday's game we made a lot of mistakes and conceded four goals. At the same time, we could have got a draw, maybe even a win, we had enough chances. 

Is it better to make these mistakes now in friendly matches, better than later in the actual season? 

Football is full of mistakes, and the main thing is to make less of them. There’s a thought defenders have, that if you keep a clean sheet, you can’t lose. So we have to try and keep a clean sheet all the time, it doesn’t always happen, but we will work on it and try hard.  

There is not much time until the end of the second training camp. What are your plans for these few days? 

We will continue training the same way, on the 13th there will have our last game of the tournament. Everything has gone according to plan. 

Is there a plan for the game on the 13th? Will we see the teams strongest side, or will it be letting as many players have minutes as possible?  

I think the players will get different amounts of time. Some 45 minutes, some 60, some 15 minutes.

Vasily Berezutsky and Leonid Slutsky are also taking part in the Equality Cup, did you get to speak with them? 

Yes, I spoke with both Leonid Slutsky and Vasily. I haven’t seen them for a long time.