Ivan Sergeev: "The Equality Cup has been a good tournament"

The Zenit striker spoke to us ahead of the final Equality Cup match against Santos.
Ivan Sergeev: "The Equality Cup has been a good tournament"

Your team won the match in today’s training session. How nice is it to win even in training?

It’s always nice to win, even in training. Today we had an intense session, the final one at this training camp as tomorrow we have a game, then we have a break for three days, and then off to the third training camp, where we get ready for the start of the resumption of the season.

How was this second training camp?

You feel a bit tired at the end of the training camp, but that’s fine, we need to get into our best shape. I think we’ve done everything well. The third training camp will be easier as we prepare for the match with Spartak. We are a little tired, but that’s nothing to worry about. Tomorrow is the last match of the tournament and we need to do our best to get the win, and end the second training camp in high spirits.

Is the team’s form getting better with each game?

Certainly, we’re getting better from game to game, and when there are a lot of games, it’s easier to do that. There is already a good mutual understanding between the players. Its now up to the manager to decide who will play in the first official game and then for the rest of the season.

Zenit have won the Equality Cup, how would you rate this achievement?

It's nice to have won it. We had some good opponents, both the Qatari team, Shanghai with Slutsky, and now we have to play Santos. I think this is a good tournament, plus Match TV have been showing the games so our family and friends have been able to watch it on TV. I’d like to also say a big hello to all the fans, as well as family and friends!