Andrey Mostovoy: "Now I’ve returned to training ready and happy"

The Zenit midfielder spoke with us on the return to training in the UAE. 
Andrey Mostovoy: "Now I’ve returned to training ready and happy"

Even after a month of training camps the players still seem very positive, how have you found this winter’s experience?

Today is only the second day after a short break, when we had a three-day weekend, some of the guys went back to Russia and others stayed here. I went to Dubai for a couple of days and got some rest. Now I’ve returned to training ready and happy, of course, everyone is a bit tired, no one’s disputing that, but it’s easier after the weekend, that’s why we’re all positive. A lot depends on training. Today we divided into four teams, did some ball work, then one-on-one attacks, then a game of football. My team won the final match!

Will the heavy training sessions decrease during this third Gazprom Training Camp?

I wouldn’t say that. Today we had a good workout, and as far as I know, the first three days will be tough for everyone, to get us alive after the weekend. then we have some matches and tactical lessons, one-a-day to start. I think after the matches the load will begin to decrease.

How are you getting on with the new players, are connections developing?

I have known Ilzat Akhmetov for a long time. In training we have our normal groups and Sutormin and Chistyakov left us, so Ilzat joined my group. He’s integrated well and everything is good. He's a nice guy, I've known him for a long time. 

Nino can speak a bit of English, but Pedro finds this difficult as he only speaks his own language. Communication can be difficult to establish, but it’s understandable, not many of the Brazilians speak English. 

What kind of chats do you have with Ilzat Akhmetov?

When Ilzat joins training, he can’t be calm, he always has to argue with someone: “You passed to me in the wrong place, that pass wasn’t accurate” things like this and it’s fun!