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Douglas Santos: “Everyone will be 100% ready for the match with Spartak Moscow”

The Zenit captain spoke to us about training in Abu Dhabi, the team’s fitness levels and the new signings.

Douglas Santos: “Everyone will be 100% ready for the match with Spartak Moscow”

This is the third Gazprom Training Camp, what’s the main difference from the previous two camps?

Everyone can feel that the league season is starting soon, the first match after the winter break is getting closer and closer, and everyone is very happy about this, because this long winter break is coming to an end. It feels like all the players are becoming more and more motivated and everyone is looking forward to the season coming back. Everyone is trying to reach full fitness and be ready for the first league match at their peak. 

How are you feeling? What % would you rate your fitness levels?

I would say that we’re almost 100% ready and most of our hard work has already been done, there isn’t much time until the first league game. I am sure that everyone will be 100% ready for the match. This is very important because this is what makes the difference in games. We aim to approach this match in peak form. 

Today’s training was fun, how important is training like this to allow you to relax?

It is very important that we have fun and enjoy training, because football makes us all happy, especially when you win. Being in positive in training is very important in order to help us get even better and get in good shape. 

Which of the new players has got used to the team the quickest?

I think getting used to things is still ongoing, because we still have to return to St. Petersburg in the winter, from warm, sunny Abu Dhabi (smiles). I think that everything is going well with the new players, and we’re all getting to know each other, and are becoming friends. The whole team has welcomed the new players with open arms, and that’s important!