Artur: "I’m a bit sad inside because I wanted to get the win in the big match"

The Brazilian forward spoke to us after making his debut at the Gazprom Arena.
Artur: "I’m a bit sad inside because I wanted to get the win in the big match"

Congratulations on making your debut at the Gazprom Arena, how do you feel after the game?

I’m very happy to have made my debut at the Gazprom Arena and in front of such a lot of our fans. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the win, but we fought hard right until the end. In my opinion, we had every chance to have got the win, but we’ll have to get the win in the next match. 

Could you feel the magnitude of the match? It’s been talked about a lot over the last month. 

Of course, I could totally understand everything and knew about it before, and today I saw in reality how big this rivalry is for the city, for the team and the fans. I’m a bit sad inside right now, because I wanted to make the fans happy with a win in a big match. But it’s fine, we need to keep our heads up and go on to the next match and get the win. 

Today there were not many goal scoring chances, why was this?

We spoke about this in the locker room, we just didn’t get that final ball and we didn’t take enough shots. We should have shoot on goal more and got into the penalty area more. In the second half, we created almost no chances at all. This is something that needs to be worked on, as well as other parts of the game that need improvement. We know what we need to focus on in the future. We will improve and win!