Pedro: "The Gazprom Arena is an incredible stadium with amazing support"

The 18-year-old debutee spoke to us after the goalless draw with Spartak. 
Pedro: "The Gazprom Arena is an incredible stadium with amazing support"

Congratulations on making your debut, what are your first thoughts on Russian football and the RPL?

Thanks a lot. I'm very happy to have made my debut in a competitive match. The game was very hard, quite tough. I will continue to work hard. 

What did you think of the atmosphere at the Gazprom Arena? Have you ever played in front of so many fans before?

It’s an incredible stadium with amazing support, everything was impressive. 

Did you have any idea about the level of the Russian league before coming here? Now you’ve spent some time on the pitch, what’s the difference here and Brazil?

I spoke with Robert Renan before I came here and he told me that the level here is very high and the games are very intense. I can agree with this and can say the atmosphere is amazing.  

Do you know why you didn’t start the game today, but came on later? You were starting a lot at the Gazprom Training Camp, but today you didn’t get much playing time.

This is the manager decision. Yes, I didn’t start the game he didn’t let me out from the very beginning, perhaps so that I could gradually get used to the new championship. It's his decision. 

Have Zenit’s Brazilians helped you get used to the team? 

They’ve help a lot. My teammates have been very supportive and have spoken to me a lot. There really is a feeling of camaraderie in the team. 

A lot of Zenit fans have been talking about you and expect a lot from you, do you have any words for them and what you hope to do this season and next?

I am very happy to hear that and thank you very much for supporting me. I really hope that I will do a lot to make them happy and I promise them goals!