Wilson Isidor: "If you work hard, success will come"

The Zenit striker spoke to the media ahead of the semi-final with Spartak Moscow.
Wilson Isidor: "If you work hard, success will come"

Zenit have three matches in nine days, is it difficult for you to play that many games in that time?

No, we like to play a lot and to play often, this is our job and our passion too. It may not be easy physically, but mentally it is much more enjoyable than training. 

You played Spartak only a month ago, why do you think Zenit couldn’t win or score in that match?

It was a tough game that ended 0-0. I think playing it after a month of an intensive training camp, and the move from one set of weather conditions to another was a factor.  

How would you rate your current fitness levels? Are you 100% ready for the match?

I think yes. I’m continuing to progress both physically and mentally, I'm on the right track and I hope to finish the season on a good note. 

Why do you think you haven’t been able to perform at your best this season?

I think that at the beginning of the season I had a lot of difficulties, both personally and professionally. But now these issues are all in the past. I’ve worked hard with Anatoly Tymoshchuk and he’s helped me a lot, both on the training pitch and off it. I think I'm ready for a good end to this season and a good start to next season. 

Mateo Cassierra had a similar situation last season, has he offered you any advice?

We have talked a lot about it and both agree that working hard is the best solution to this problem. To remain confident and train, if you work hard, success will come.

The upcoming match with Spartak is a Russian Cup game. Do you feel any difference between league and cup matches?

Personally, I see every match as a final. It doesn’t matter to me what tournament it is, or even if it’s just a friendly game, we always need to win. I want to win all my matches, so there’s no difference for me.

You previously played for Lokomotiv, now you play for Zenit. Are games with Spartak special for you?

Yes, of course. It is very important for both of these teams to beat Spartak, and now it’s important for me personally too. We must prove that we are the best team in Russia.