Vyacheslav Karavaev: “We had to apply pressure, and we did!”

The Zenit defender spoke to us after the game that saw us win the 2023/24 title.
Vyacheslav Karavaev: “We had to apply pressure, and we did!”

Congratulations on winning the championship!

Thank you! The season was a very difficult one and went down to the last match. I want to dedicate this victory to my parents and my brother, who put everything into me so that I could b a champion.  

Have you spoken to them yet?

Of course! With them, with my wife and with her father, they are here in the stands, I dedicate this victory to them. 

This season was really difficult, but what was the toughest part for you?

Today we had to apply more pressure, and we did! I'm very happy now, and a bit exhausted emotionally, but I think the day’s not over yet! (smiles). 

What can you say about the game and your opponents? How was the match for you?

They scored first, and because of this it became even harder for us, but well done everyone, everyone gave it their all and we applied the pressure and won the league.

Today the result in the other match was very important. Were you following what was happing there?

No. But when I was subbed off I found out the score, and so really wanted to win. 

This is not your first league title...

I hope not my last!