Sergei Semak: "We are happy with the camp and everything went well"

The Zenit manager spoke to us on the 3-0 win over Lusail City and answered the rumours over a Malcom transfer move. 
Sergei Semak: "We are happy with the camp and everything went well"

Can you give a few comments on today's game and on the first Gazprom Training Camp in Qatar overall?

The most important thing is that everyone is fit and that everyone was able to play today, that’s what’s important. As for the game itself, the first half wasn’t of the highest level, but we had a good opportunity to get match fit and feel the pace we’ll need in our upcoming matches.

Did you do everything you wanted to here in Qatar? 

I think we’ve done a good job at our first training camp and the conditions here are wonderful, we managed to get a couple of friendlies and did all the work we needed to. We are happy with the camp and everything went well.

What do you have planned next for the team and the second training camp?

Today we’re flying to Dubai, where we will have three days off, after which we will start training.

Were today's opposition better than the previous game?

I think so yes, they controlled the ball well, were very actively and in my opinion, they were a little stronger, but it's hard to talk about it and we don't know about the state of the team. It is difficult to say if it was their best team.  

The team are heading to the Dubai training camp without injuries. Will everyone be inn full training?

Yes. Today, everyone here is ready to train. I hope we didn’t pick up any injuries in today's match.

There’s talk of Malcom moving to PSG. Can you comment on this?

No official bid has been received for Malcom, but there is interest from Paris Saint-Germain, I’ve spoken to Malcom and we are waiting for a formal proposal, and if that comes then we consider it. They are a good club, one of the best in modern European football. We would never force a player to stay, but Malcom is ready to fulfill the obligations of his contract with us. Today he plays for us , we’ve had no official offer from Paris Saint-Germain, so there’s nothing to talk about. There is interest, but it’s yet to go beyond this. 

How does Malcom feel about this?

He’s in a good mood. Both yesterday and today. I’ll say it again, he is absolutely ready to give his all for us and the team.