What we’re looking for


We need your help!

We understand that part of the memorabilia of our 85-year history has unfortunately been lost. And this concerns not only the early period of Zenit’s history, but also recent events in the club’s history. Therefore we are trying to fill in the gaps and find the following materials for our exhibition:

Shirts and boots

We would like to find authentic team kits. We are particularly interested in Zenit’s kit from 1944, when we first won the USSR Cup, as well as from 1984, the first time Zenit won the league championship. The same goes for any boots of our famous heroes.

Pins and pennants

Zenit’s sports community produced a large number of pins and pennants which had different designs at various points in the club’s history, but which are all interesting for the museum’s collection. If you have pennants, pins, medals, postcards or commemorative booklets, they can really improve the exhibition of the future museum.

Playing equipment

Maybe you have an old football, or maybe the net of a football goal? A referee’s whistle or a red card? Or maybe goods and equipment from a practice facility or from a stadium locker room? Everything connected to Zenit will be interesting for our museum.

Tickets and posters

Tickets to the S.M. Kirov Stadium or the V.I. Lenin Stadium? Or maybe you have tickets from Zenit’s first international matches, either at home or away? And of course we are looking for posters of the team’s matches, meetings with the club, or celebratory moments.


In order to form our historical exposition of the club we are interested in documents concerning the club from the time it was established in 1925 to the present. These documents can include letters, documents, archive materials, books and newspaper articles, photographs and pictures, photo albums, films, and audio recordings. If you read any stories about Zenit in old newspapers or magazines please let us know.


Significant space in the exhibition is given to fans. We plan to make a fan hall which will feature flags, banners, and fan kits. We are also interested in fan songs and chants, as well as unusual clothing and jerseys representing the team.

Be curious

Somewhere in the basement or the attic at your grandmother’s house, or in the garage or at your uncle’s, you might find things that are interesting for the museum.

Everything that speaks about the history of the city and our club will be interesting to us.

We ask you to contact us by e-mail: museum@fc-zenit.ru

or by mail: FC Zenit, Zenit Museum, 1, Paradnaya Ul., 191014, St. Petersburg, Russia

Please describe what memorabilia you have for our museum and include photos with your letter. Please tell us how this memorabilia became part of your personal collection. We ask you to send only a letter, without the memorabilia itself, to start.

Please don`t forget your mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number.