Rules for accreditation

Rules for media accreditation

Accreditation for member of the media is organised for Zenit home matches is carried out exclusively through the club’s Internet service .

The service is designed to simplify communication between the club and the media. Journalists can request which fixtures they wish to attend, the type of accreditation required, edit their data, receive information about events and also send questions and comments to the club’s press service.

To receive an approved acreditation you must apply at, media representatives must scan their valid press card or media ID, with a scan of an official request from their organisation on an official letterhead, signed and dated by their editor-in-chief, confirming their details, the nature of their work and their credentials. Journalists must also complete all required fields AND give details of their vaild Supporters Card (known as FAN ID) this can be obtained from Gosusluga or the city's MFC government help centres and CANNOT be issued by the club.

Accreditation procedure

·         The club will accept and provide accreditation to that journalist or media representative provided the editorial board of their organisation complies with all club’s rules.

·         Applications for events are submitted individually and independently as per the terms and conditions stated by FC Zenit.

Accreditation passes

·         Accredited journalists will be issued accreditation for admission to FC Zenit's home matches for Russian Premier Liga and Russian Cup matches.

·         The accreditation certificate grants the right of entry to the Gazprom Arena and access to the press zones within the stadium only.

Refusal or denial of accreditation

The Zenit press service reserves the right to refuse or revoke accreditation:

·         In the case of violation of the accreditation rules or during application;

·         When the applicant leaves their editorial office (in this case, the editorial office has the right to accredit another representative);

·         When the activity of their organisation ceases;

·         In any cases of reporting information that is found to be wilfully false, inflammatory or detrimental to the club. Any Information infringing upon the rights and lawful interests of the club, its employees or those associated with the club. Any action which a court has deemed unlawful or illegal.

·         In the event of the accredited person no longer covering sporting activities in St. Petersburg or football.

·         Violation of the rules of conduct at the Stadium or premises associated with the club at any time.

Anyone applying for accreditation confirms that they are familir with club rules relating to the required conduct of the media and spectators during events, matches or any club activity.

While at the stadium, accredited media representatives are obliged to follow all required rules of conduct of spectators at official sporting events. 

In accordance with the regulations of the Russian Premier Liga, accreditation for television and Internet media employees is carried out ONLY by the broadcasting company itself.